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Buyer & Seller Systems that WORK!

Introducing...the Turnkey Buying & Selling System

The very best system for getting into your new home and getting your home sold! The turnkey system is based on:

  • Proper Buyer & Seller Preparation
  • Precise Pricing and Buying and Selling Strategies
  • Professional Representation

I market to the strengths of the Buyer, Seller and the Property, not the disadvantages, I simply remove potential negatives from the negotiating table.

Properly prepared, and professionally represented buyers and sellers (and properties) are more confident, especially in a competitive market!

I do the hard work, the basics, to find you the right home when you are buying. I do the same hard work to get your home sold.  I am committed to serving you in the best possible way, with exceptional performance and value.

I support you throughout the transaction, never pressuring you. I enable you to trust me—I do what I say I am going to do. I can save you money and achieve better results than less flexible brokerages can. I am on my clients’ side and I let your make your own decisions!

Clients come to me with a wide range of needs—first time buyers, upsizers and downsizers, fast moves, relocations, experienced and novice.  I match the client needs and wants to my experience and deliver targeted service. Feel free to ask me any questions as we work together.

I will do our best to take the issues off the table.

Our clients love our services and will share their comments with you.

My Guarantee:

I approach each transaction as a professional. In that effort, I vow to represent you as a client.  I will make every diligent effort to successfully take you through the Selling, Purchasing, Inspecting, Financing and Closing of the sale of your home.

I owe you loyalty and honesty. As a real estate professional, I have sworn to uphold a code of ethics and I will.

I will only do things that are in your best interests.

I will search for homes that match your wishes, and buyers that match your home.

I will keep you informed and educated.

I will discuss all issues that affect your purchase.

I will let you make your own decisions.

I will recommend other suppliers and vendors whom I would sue for myself and whom I believe will also act in your best interests.

I ask that you keep me informed if your desires or your situation change. If there is something that you don’t understand, please ask.

If I am not doing something that you think should be done, let me know. If I am doing something and it is not meeting your needs, let me know that, too.

I ask that if I am not performing to your expectations, you let me know, and give me the opportunity to correct any problems you noted. If we cannot come to an agreement, you have the right to terminate our relationship.

You also have the right to recommend me. The highest compliment that I receive is when someone recommends me to a friend or acquaintance.   I ask that you share the name of Gretchen Keyser, at Fathom Realty with others who may need the services of a real estate professional.